Tuesday, June 11, 2013


1                     I refer to the articles in Star publications of Thursday 6th June 2013 in relation to the action taken by the police to prevent further clashes amongst feuding factions that have resulted in at least 4 deaths and many others injured some of them critically.
2                     I wish to congratulate the police for taking prompt actions to avert further deaths and injury in having picked up more than 1,000 Myanmar nationals. The newspaper reports stressed that those picked up were not under arrest.
3                     I have been asked by the representatives of the victims to clarify that the attacks are not caused by two armed and organized groups as the police and the newspaper articles appear to suggest. The victims are not part of any group. They were attacked without any just cause or reason.
4                     I have been requested by the families and representatives of the victims to call on the police to investigate and charge those responsible for murder because those who attacked the victims were armed and used their weapons with the intention of killing the victims.
5                     I call on the police and the authorities to take immediate action because the laws of Malaysia apply to all who are in the country including foreigners who are here temporarily or otherwise. Those who commit offences must be punished accordingly to the laws.
6                     I urge immediate action to be taken to apprehend the murderers because their attacks have caused alarm and fear to everyone in case Malaysians or others are attacked because of mistaken identity.

William Leong Jee Keen
Member of Parliament for Selayang
10th June 2013