Monday, May 24, 2010

News: May 24, 2010 Filthy streets in Selayang B

THREE departments in the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) — Engineering, Health and Enforcement — have been given two weeks to solve issues in Selayang Baru.

Selayang MP William Leong said he wanted a report on actions taken by the departments during his walkabout at the market area in Taman Selayang Baru last Saturday.

Leong talked to some traders and residents at the stalls to hear the problems they were facing in the area.

Jammed up: Rubbish inside the drains at Jalan 62, Taman Selayang Baru, clogs the drains whenever there is a heavy downpour.

“The people here complained about dirty backlanes and drains that are clogged, especially in the market area.

“Some irresponsible residents have thrown rubbish into the drains. This has resulted in flash floods at Jalan 23, Jalan 62 and Jalan 29 during heavy rains. Drains on Jalan 9 also need to be repaired.

“Traders here have also complained about the irregular collection of rubbish. Sometimes, piles of plastic bags have been seen left on the ground because the bins are filled to the brim.

“They said that the contractors were suppose to collect rubbish three times a week but only did it once or twice a week.

“Because of the delay or their absence on collection day, the rubbish — mainly wood waste — attracts rats, flies and cockroaches,’’ said Leong.

Leong was accompanied by MPS councillor Datuk Mazlan Hassan, who is in charge of the area.

Awful sight: Motorists passing along Jalan Besar in Selayang Baru can’t help noticing this sight of rubbish thrown outside the bins.

This was Leong’s second walkabout after his first assignment last week in Taman Selayang Jaya.

He added that he would be holding a meeting with the contractors next week to resolve the matter as the situation was getting from bad to worse.

Leong pointed out MPS is looking into increasing the assessment rates in Selayang to get a bigger budget to solve the issues in Selayang.

However, he is against the move to increase assessments.

Leong has spoken to the councillors and told them that MPS should increase its revenue and this should not be done by way of increasing the assessment.

“I feel that the contractors need to be warned or terminated if they do not function properly.

“In fact, half of the council’s budget, which is RM70mil, goes towards contractors collecting rubbish. And that is rubbish,’’ he said.

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