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Order for Altantuya murder came from Najib, Baginda was sexually impotent - Deepak claims Featured

SD 1 (statutory declaration 1) was written by Bala upon the request and promises made by his friends & lawyers. He was also advised on the content by senior Pakatan leaders who are also lawyers like Sivarasa and others.

Due to the proximity to the September 16 deadline set by DSAI (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim), it was not just a coincidence that Bala SD 1 happened in July of the same year, the BN MPs especially in Sabah were demoralized by Pak Lah (Abdullah Badawi) and DSAI knew that politically this was the perfect time for him to take over the Government through the defections of MPs especially from Sabah.

Anyway Pakatan had won the majority votes in the 2008 GE and the majority of the voters wanted this change to happen, it was important however for DSAI to expose the wrongdoing of the DPM& his wife and their direct involvement in the Altantuya murder case as in the event Pak Lah was to resign before September 16, Najib would come in as PM and lift the morale of the BN MPs thus preventing the September 16 to become a reality.

Instructions to kill Altantuya came from the then DPM
It's important to note that the exposure of the Altantuya murder was also planned to coincide with the confession of one of the participants on the night of the gruesome C4 incident. This person had actually prepared a SD to confirm that he had:-

a) been instructed to commit the crime by his immediate superior
b) His immediate superior had taken instructions from the then DPM
c) This person changed his mind only after SD 2 was published

Rosmah told me to remove spicy details: Baginda "tak boleh erect"
Now although I believe DSAI should not have been directly sitting beside Bala when SD 1 was made, I know for a fact that all monies paid to Bala was from a lawyer known to Pakatan at that time and that Bala was paid to recover monies that he was promised by Razak Baginda for his services which was never paid by Baginda.

Now SD 2 was instructed by Datin Rosmah to me to remove certain facts & certain "spicy" details in the affair between Najib & Altantuya, I honestly don't know whether Altantuya was pregnant and with whose baby but I do know that Razak Baginda was chosen to "take care' of her for Najib not because Najib trusted him but the truth be told, Razak Baginda is actually impotent and I don't mean important but "IMPOTENT" as in "tak boleh errect"

As explained in great detail previously, the changing of SD 1 to SD 2 was successful but the events thereafter were chaotic, I guess because the Spirit of Altantuya was angry as a serious miscarriage of Justice had been done and unfortunately I got dragged in to this murky event just to help a friend but paid the price with losing my peace of mind and image over the last 5 years.

Bala was promised RM 3,000,000.00 by Najib's brother Nazim but was only paid a portion, he repeatedly called me and Nazim's friend but did Datin Rosmah did not allow me to get involved with him anymore nor was Nazim allowed to also.

Had Rosmah & Najib just kept their word to Altantuya & Bala and paid them this small sum all this would never have happened but I guess sheer arrogance and greed ruled as they thought as PM they had "super power" and demi god status. Alas for them demi god they may be today in Malaysia but the almighty is very angry with them and yang Maha Berkuasa is "ALLAH" not this husband & wife.

Be "very careful": PM wanted to silence me
After Bala's endless PCs and media exposure, I was called to come to MACC to be investigated. I informed Datin Rosmah about this and she told me to delay them for a week or so, which I did. Imagine to my utter shock that the Income Tax Department sent about 50 officers to my office, house, factories and other addresses to "RAID" my business and carted away 6 lorries full of Files & Documents

Then I realized that the PM wanted to silence me, get all my documents and proof of payments and not to tell the truth about SD 2 to the MACC and Police, I called Datin Rosmah regarding the LHDN matter and she feigned ignorance saying that she did not know anything about it and had no control over them.

I met her the next morning in her house in Jalan Duta and she told me to be "very careful" with what I disclose to MACC as many officers and directors in MACC are pro opposition and will use my testimony to create problems for her husband.

90% of all problems in Malaysia caused by Indians!
Datin Rosmah asked me to deny knowing Bala and deny being involved in SD 2, she also told me not to worry as no one will believe Bala as he was Indian and as such known to be not credible.

I told her Datin, I am also Indian, how can you expect me to say that and her reply was as quoted " Deepak, 90% of all the problems caused in Malaysia are by 10% of your Indian community", the MACC won't believe him and anyway her husband had already spoken to the DG to keep this matter silent and let it remain off the radar.

Of course I was upset with her statement about my Indian ethnicity but with the Income Tax matter and other business I was involved with at that time, I decided to remain silent on this although her words are still embedded in my heart. Datin Rosmah should look at the list of successful Indians in the United States & Europe and realize that the Indians if given a level playing field, will do well anywhere under the Sun as we are both intelligent and hard working people.

MACC did not dare to act
Going back to the SD 2, my testimony to MACC was based on instructions of Datin Rosmah due to the dominate she had over me at that time.

I have taken steps to inform MACC of the truth in 2011 through my meeting with Dato' Jamidan who is a senior Director with MACC at his office with evidence of payments made from proceeds of Glomac Tower to a subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House made to Dato Najib & Datin Rosmah and he has recorded all this statements both by video and my written statements but to date no action have been taken against either of them.

I wonder what is left of the credibility of our enforcement institution, like the Police & MACC that have all become tools of Najib & Family Incorporated.
Even in Indonesia the Anti Corruption bureau is independent. Will Malaysia continue to be controlled by these 2 people??? Have everyone become LAME DUCKS in front of the SITTING DUCK & THE WITCH.

(Deepak Jaikishan is a former close friend of Rosmah Mansor, the wife of Prime Minister Najib Razak who was the Deputy Prime Minister at the time of Bala's controversial  statutory declarations made in 2008. Both Najib and Rosmah have denied ever knowing Altantuya, who was murdered in Malaysia in 2006 allegedly due to her threat to expose the Najibs and Razak Baginda for purported corruption in the federal government's purchase of two Scorpene submarines worth some RM7.3bil.)

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