Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Robbed of the Perak Government

The people of Perak have been robbed of its government. Bribery, corruption and extortion have kicked democracy in the teeth. It is a rude and painful reminder that democracy and liberty has to be earned, fought for and defended not once in five years but every day of our lives. It also reminds us that “Frailty thy name is Woman (in this case 3 men and 1 woman) ”. It shows that one may have fought and sacrificed everything for ten years but all can be thrown away in one moment of weakness. They were tested and found to be wanting.

Many will no doubt point to Anwar Ibrahim and say he started all this by talking of MPs crossing over. However, there is a vital difference between crossing over because the party leaders have deserted their principles and policies and treachery. Where party bosses abused their position for personal gains then it is the duty of the elected representatives to protect their constituents from harm. Where the elected representatives crossed for personal gains it is betrayal.

In the case of these three Perak assemblymen. It is clear they did not cross over because BN hold higher principles or have better policies for the people. BN has not changed any of its policies after the last general elections. These defectors may claim until their face turn blue that they are doing this in the interest of their constituents. They can try to fool some of the people some of the time but there are two they cannot fool. One is their God because by what ever name called there surely is one. I have started to pray for them because according to my religion sinners burn in Hell for all eternity. The other is their constituents. They cannot hide the truth from their constituents.

Those who support BN may find joy in what has happened in Perak. They have won and PR has loss. The real loser in this shameful episode is not just PR but all Malaysians. Unless there is a sea of public outrage, we, Malaysians have lost our public virtue. We, Malaysians are no better then those in Zimbabwe or any one of the Banana Republics where the public closed not one but both eyes while their Mugabes robbed and plunder them blind.

This is our darkest night. Our salvation lies in each of us finding the courage and conviction to come forward. We need men and women with integrity and strength of character to stand for elections and hold these positions of trust. It is not enough to watch from the comfort of our couch. We can no longer slumber and come out to vote once in 5 years. We can no longer be apathetic. We have to join in the fray. We have no other choice.

6th February 2009

William Leong Jee Keen

Member of Parliament Selayang

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