Thursday, November 26, 2009

Walk About at Kuang

The Member of Parliament of Selayang, YB William Leong exemplifies what a good people's representative should be.

On weekends, he spends time visiting his constituency to understand the nature of the complaints. Often, the complaints are because of the local council's failure to act.

With the help of his assistants, some of these complaints are being attended to with greater urgency. It is shameful that after 52 years of Independence, living conditions of Malaysians have not improved.

While the Government spends millions of Ringgit on some mega projects, the village folks are still not enjoying modern facilities.

On this visit to Kundang and Kuang, the honorable MP met up with residents who were delighted at his presence.

If you wish to follow YB William on his rounds, you may contact his assistant, Chan Foo Chuen (Mobile 016-247 6182). Visit his blog to find out what makes him tick:

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